Established in 1984, Tudem Publishing Group celebrates its 40 years in the industry with almost over 2000 published books. Tudem focuses on contemporary, high quality literary fiction and reference books for young readers.

Branding in both literary and scholastic publications, Tudem Publishing Group has nine different sub-brands under its roof. Tudem literary publications act as a bridge between readers and a variety of genres such as novels, short stories, graphic novels and essays. Uçanbalık offers titles for preschool, as Tudem Edebiyat targets for the ages between 7-15. Desen focuses on graphic novel and comic readers while Delidolu titles reach out to adult and young adult readers.

Scholastic publications of Tudem Publishing Group on the other hand, include Bilgi Küpü, BlokTest, Uçanbalık Erken Öğrenme and Tudem Eğitim sub-brands which focus on tutelage, schooling and educational publications, beginning from preschool until high school and aims to prepare students for local examinations. Titles and study sets are formulated by inhouse teachers, according to the current syllabus offered by the Ministry of Education.

With an ambition to promote young writers and artists, Tudem organizes an annual literature award.

Our independent monthly literary review, İyi Kitap, is a meeting point for the children’s literature scene in Turkey.

This catalogue is a selection of works by renowned Turkish children’s authors and illustrators. We wish you a happy browsing and hope you enjoy our titles as much as we do.

Tudem Publishing Group Rights Guide Catalogue